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Radical change urged over 20 years to attain climate goals: institute

The world will need sweeping changes over the next 20 years ranging from energy use to food production to achieve climate goals set by almost 200 nations, the new heads of a top environmental think-tank said on Friday. »
23 Feb, 18:50 - reuters -  - 

Corals Are Dissolving Away

New data show that ocean acidification not only stops corals from building, it tears them down -- Read more on »
23 Feb, 17:20 - scientificamerican -  - 

Weather should remain predictable despite climate change

New research suggests that even as rising carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere drive the climate toward warmer temperatures, the weather will remain predictable. »
23 Feb, 17:20 - sciencedaily -  - 

West Coast Wetlands Could Nearly Disappear in 100 Years

Although the Gulf and East coasts get most of the attention, the West Coast could see massive losses -- Read more on »
22 Feb, 16:40 - scientificamerican -  - 

Debt for dolphins: Seychelles creates huge marine parks in world-first finance scheme

An innovative exchange of sovereign debt for marine conservation, backed by the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, could pave the way to saving large swaths of the world’s oceans. The tropical island nation of Seychelles is to create two huge new marine parks in return for a large amount of its national debt being written off, in the first scheme of its kind in the world. »
22 Feb, 14:20 - guardian -  - 

EU should raise fossil fuel taxes to plug Brexit budget gap: former officials

The European Union should raise taxes on fossil fuels to help meet goals on climate change and plug a budget gap after Britain leaves the bloc, former senior EU officials said in a letter to EU leaders. »
21 Feb, 16:10 - reuters -  - 

Sea-level legacy: 20 cm more rise by 2300 for each 5-year delay in peaking emissions

Peaking global carbon dioxide emissions as soon as possible is crucial for limiting the risks of sea-level rise, even if global warming is limited to well below 2 degrees C. A new study analyzes for the first time the sea-level legacy until 2300 within the constraints of the Paris Agreement. »
21 Feb, 16:00 - sciencedaily -  - 

Land use change has warmed Earth's surface

Recent changes to vegetation cover are causing Earth's surface to heat up. Activities like cutting down evergreen forests for agricultural expansion in the tropics create energy imbalances that lead to higher local surface temperatures and contribute to global warming. »
21 Feb, 03:40 - sciencedaily -  - 

Climate change, evolution, and what happens when researchers are also friends

A new study that addresses how climate change is affecting the evolution of organisms underscores the need for evolutionary, ecosystem and climate scientists to work together to better understand eco-evolutionary feedback dynamics. »
21 Feb, 03:40 - sciencedaily -  - 

Climate change 'will push European cities towards breaking point'

Study highlights urgent need to adapt urban areas to cope with floods, droughts and heatwaves. Major British towns and cities, including Glasgow, Wrexham, Aberdeen and Chester, could be much more severely affected by climate change than previously thought, according to new research. »
21 Feb, 03:30 - guardian -  - 

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