Library – Behind the scenes

Our library gathers documents on climate change from a variety of sources.

In the climatiq library, we collect finalized, edited, complete documents of interest for a broad audience of climate change professionals and the interested public. These provide reliable knowledge on changes in the Earth's climate and associated impacts on a national or global level. On the sub-national level, we include only overview reports.

The documents come from a variety of sources, including web robots, authors of documents and users of our website. Every month, hundreds of documents are added to the list of candidates for new entries in the library.

The relevant documents are selected with a keyword analysis. Duplicates are filtered out by comparing to existing documents in the library. These steps are particularly important for documents found by web robots, which submit any documents that have a remote chance of being relevant. Finally, a voluntary editor selects and formats all new items following a list of criteria.

We collect