This week in climate news - 29 November 2015

The most popular articles from the past week.

'Captain's call' plea as more CSIRO job cuts loom on eve of PM's address to Paris climate summit

Some of Australia's leading climate research programs are under threat even as Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull prepares to address world leaders at next week's global climate summit in Paris. »
24 November 2015, 13:40 - smh - Search similar - Email

Carbon limits to put $2 trillion of coal, oil, gas projects at risk: report

Up to $2 trillion in petroleum and coal projects will not be needed if the world takes action to limit warming of the planet to 2 degrees Celsius, according to a report released this week ahead of a global climate summit in Paris. »
25 November 2015, 02:10 - reuters - Search similar - Email

Public support for better climate targets

A poll shows 62 per cent of Australians think the government should be prepared to move on its emissions reduction targets. »
24 November 2015, 19:50 - smh - Search similar - Email

Two-faced Exxon: the misinformation campaign against its own scientists | Dana Nuccitelli

100% global warming consensus in Exxon scientists’ research contrasted its $31m campaign to cast doubt on that consensus Investigative journalism by Inside Climate News (ICN) into Exxon’s internal documents revealed that the company was at the forefront of climate research, warning of the dangers posed by human-caused global warming from the late-1970s to the late-1980s. »
25 November 2015, 14:30 - guardian - Search similar - Email

Missing climate goals, Dutch mull closing coal plants

With the Netherlands on track to miss its climate goals for 2020, the Dutch government is coming under pressure to order the closure of the nation's coal plants. »
24 November 2015, 19:50 - reuters - Search similar - Email

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