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This week in climate news - 31 August 2014

The most popular articles from the past week.

Unpacking unpaused global warming climate models got it right

Global surface warming has slowed down due to internal and external factors, consistent with climate model predictions that account for these effects Continue reading... »
25 August 2014, 16:20 - guardian - Search similar - Email

Small island states, facing rising seas, seek economic overhaul

Small island states facing a "frightening" rise in sea levels will seek investments in everything from solar energy to fisheries to boost their economies at a U.N. summit next week. »
25 August 2014, 16:20 - reuters - Search similar - Email

Cutting emissions pays for itself, study concludes

Health care savings can greatly defray costs of carbon-reduction policies, experts report. But just how large are the health benefits of cleaner air in comparison to the costs of reducing carbon emissions? »
25 August 2014, 08:10 - sciencedaily - Search similar - Email

Methane is discovered seeping from seafloor off US east coast, Scientists Say

Scientists have discovered methane gas bubbling from the seafloor in an unexpected place: off the East Coast of the United States where the continental shelf meets the deeper Atlantic Ocean. The methane is emanating from at least 570 locations, called seeps, from near Cape Hatteras off North Carolina. »
25 August 2014, 02:30 - smh - Search similar - Email

Global warming is already here and could be irreversible, UN panel says

A 127-page draft report by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change describes what can be done about it. Continue reading... »
27 August 2014, 00:00 - guardian - Search similar - Email

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