This week in climate news - 29 March 2015

The most popular articles from the past week.

Two degree Celsius climate change target 'utterly inadequate'

The official global target of a two degree Celsius temperature rise is 'utterly inadequate' for protecting those at most risk from climate change, says an expert. The commentary presents a rare inside-view of a discussion at the Lima Conference of the Parties on the likely consequences of accepting an average global warming target of 2 degrees Celsius versus 1.5 degrees Celsius. »
27 March 2015, 16:40 - sciencedaily - Search similar - Email

Climate change: farmers urge Coalition to restore emissions trading scheme

Failure to acknowledge the problem is ‘doing the industry a disservice’ and harming Australia’s international standing, says farming group. Continue reading... »
25 March 2015, 23:10 - guardian - Search similar - Email

One satellite data set is underestimating global warming

A new study suggests that the University of Alabama at Huntsville is lowballing the warming of the atmosphere Continue reading... »
25 March 2015, 16:50 - guardian - Search similar - Email

BP and Google leave Alec: are companies finally taking climate change seriously?

BP and Google have both cut ties with Alec. Does this exodus mean climate change is finally a top business priority? It began with Microsoft in July, then Google in September – and now Facebook, Yelp, Yahoo, SAP America, AOL and eBay have all followed suit. These companies have now ended their relationship with the controversial American Legislative Exchange Council, or Alec. »
25 March 2015, 13:40 - guardian - Search similar - Email

US museums asked to sever ties with fossil fuel industry

Scientists and cultural figures call on science and art museums to ditch corporate sponsorships from fossil fuel companies. Climate scientists and cultural figures called on national history and science museums on Tuesday to sever their ties to the fossil fuel industry, singling out a major patron from the Koch family of conservative oil billionaires. »
24 March 2015, 09:10 - guardian - Search similar - Email

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