This week in climate news - 22 October 2017

The most popular articles from the past week.

Preparing Europe for climate change: coordination is key to reduce risks posed by extreme weather

Building stronger links between climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction experts is more important than ever in wake of recent devastating and extreme weather events across Europe and elsewhere. »
17 October 2017, 10:30 - eea - Search similar - Email

California's new normal may be more intense heat, fires, droughts and floods

As portrayed in novels, the California of the future is barely habitable. Fiction? Perhaps less so after last week. »
16 October 2017, 01:30 - smh - Search similar - Email

Plant more trees to combat climate change: scientists

Planting forests and other activities that harness the power of nature could play a major role in limiting global warming under the 2015 Paris agreement, an international study showed on Monday. »
16 October 2017, 22:30 - reuters - Search similar - Email

U.S. municipal disaster plans seen more vital for ratings: report

U.S. state and city governments' planning for natural disasters will become more critical to their credit quality as costs to deal with extreme weather events increase, S&P Global Ratings said in a report on Tuesday. »
17 October 2017, 23:50 - reuters - Search similar - Email

Are flatulent shellfish really contributing to climate change?

Scientists investigating marine life in the Baltic Sea have found mussels, oysters and clams are emitting greenhouse gases – but cows still trump them. Swedish scientists have found that flatulent shellfish are creating vast amounts of greenhouse gases, leading to a predictable slew of comments about farting cockles and clams. But beneath the schoolboy humour, there is a serious point. »
16 October 2017, 18:11 - guardian - Search similar - Email

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