This week in climate news - 7 January 2018

The most popular articles from the past week.

Keep global warming under 1.5C or 'quarter of planet could become arid'

A global temperature rise to 2C above pre-industrial levels could see many regions facing an increased threat of drought and wildfires, study suggests. More than a quarter of the planet’s surface could become significantly drier if global temperatures rise 2C above pre-industrial levels, scientists predict. »
2 January 2018, 19:50 - guardian - Search similar - Email

On its hundredth birthday in 1959, Edward Teller warned the oil industry about global warming | Benjamin Franta

Somebody cut the cake – new documents reveal that American oil writ large was warned of global warming at its 100th birthday party. It was a typical November day in New York City. The year: 1959. »
1 January 2018, 12:10 - guardian - Search similar - Email

2017 was second hottest year on record, after 2016: European data

Last year was the second hottest worldwide on record, just behind a sweltering 2016 with signs of climate change ranging from wildfires to a thaw of Arctic ice, a European Union monitoring center said on Thursday. »
4 January 2018, 17:40 - reuters - Search similar - Email

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