This week in climate news - 28 January 2018

The most popular articles from the past week.

Cleaning Up Air Pollution May Strengthen Global Warming

New research is helping quantify just how big that effect might be -- Read more on »
22 January 2018, 20:50 - scientificamerican - Search similar - Email

Murky world of 'science' journals a new frontier for climate deniers | Graham Readfearn

Deniers have found a platform in emerging publications that publish without rigorous review. There’s a new scientific journal you might not have heard of called the International Journal of Earth and Environmental Sciences. It says it “supports scientist who sweats for the real innovation & discovery”. »
24 January 2018, 04:10 - guardian - Search similar - Email

In 2017, the oceans were by far the hottest ever recorded | John Abraham

The second-hottest year recorded at Earth’s surface was the hottest in its oceans Among scientists who work on climate change, perhaps the most anticipated information each year is how much the Earth has warmed. That information can only come from the oceans, because almost all heat is stored there. If you want to understand global warming, you need to first understand ocean warming. »
26 January 2018, 19:30 - guardian - Search similar - Email

Chemical sunshade to slow warming may not be feasible: U.N. draft

The idea of spraying a haze of sun-dimming chemicals high above the Earth as a quick way to slow global warming faces so many obstacles that it may not be feasible, a leaked draft U.N. report says. »
26 January 2018, 13:10 - reuters - Search similar - Email

Why the climate of Game of Thrones is about more than the arrival of winter

We modelled the climate for George RR Martin’s series for fun, but there’s a serious side to predicting weather for a fictional world. »
23 January 2018, 09:10 - guardian - Search similar - Email

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