This week in climate news - 6 May 2018

The most popular articles from the past week.

Global warming of 1.5°C or 2°C: The lower limit would reduce flood hazards

A research group has simulated the scenarios of limiting global warming to 2°C versus 1.5°C with global hydrological models. An important result: High flows and flood hazards will increase significantly over an average of 21 percent of global land area if the temperature rises by 2°C. But if the rise in global warming is limited to 1.5°C only 11 percent of global land area would be affected. »
2 May 2018, 20:20 - sciencedaily - Search similar - Email

Reef fish inherit tolerance to warming oceans

Thanks to mom and dad, baby reef fish may have what it takes to adjust to hotter oceans. »
2 May 2018, 01:50 - sciencedaily - Search similar - Email

Caribbean Island Nations Cite U.S. Report at Climate Change Talks

U.N. meeting is aimed in part at strengthening countries’ commitments to climate action -- Read more on »
3 May 2018, 21:00 - scientificamerican - Search similar - Email

La Niña-like ocean cooling patterns intensify northwestern Pacific tropical cyclones

Atmospheric researchers report that a strong connection between sea surface temperature patterns is associated with the Global Warming Hiatus and changes in cyclone activity over the northwest Pacific Ocean, particularly increasing intensities in coastal regions of East Asia. »
2 May 2018, 08:00 - sciencedaily - Search similar - Email

Greenhouse gas 'feedback loop' discovered in freshwater lakes

Latest research finds plant debris in lake sediment affects methane emissions. The flourishing reed beds created by changing climates could threaten to double the already significant methane production of the world's northern lakes. »
4 May 2018, 15:30 - sciencedaily - Search similar - Email

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