This week in climate news - 19 August 2018

The most popular articles from the past week.

Texas, refineries urged to plan storm shutdowns to cut pollution

Texas environment regulators should coordinate shutdowns of oil refineries and other petrochemical plants during major storms to avoid big releases of air pollution like during last year's Hurricane Harvey, a report said on Thursday. »
16 August 2018, 08:00 - reuters - Search similar - Email

Warming Is Worsening Wildfires, but Not Everywhere or Every Time

Human development patterns can be a larger influence on blazes in some places -- Read more on »
14 August 2018, 21:30 - scientificamerican - Search similar - Email

Enough with the fairy tales about the Paris agreement. It's time for facts | Erwin Jackson

A select and uninformed few have been railing against the Paris objectives. Let’s debunk some of their tallest tales. The Paris climate change agreement has been in the news again recently, due to a small rump of the federal Coalition railing against the national energy guarantee. »
15 August 2018, 06:40 - guardian - Search similar - Email

Extreme temperatures 'especially likely for next four years'

Cyclical natural phenomena that affect planet’s climate will amplify effect of manmade global warming, scientists warn. The world is likely to see more extreme temperatures in the coming four years as natural warming reinforces manmade climate change, according to a new global forecasting system. »
14 August 2018, 18:00 - guardian - Search similar - Email

California water managers vary in use of climate science

Lack of climate change adaptation among water utilities can put water supplies and the people dependent on them at risk, especially in marginalized communities, a new article suggests. »
14 August 2018, 15:20 - sciencedaily - Search similar - Email

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