This week in climate news - 30 December 2018

The most popular articles from the past week.

The Next Climate Frontier: Predicting a Complex Domino Effect

Motivated by events like Hurricane Harvey, researchers are trying to determine how climate change interacts with agriculture, energy, transportation and other human systems -- Read more on »
27 December 2018, 18:10 - scientificamerican - Search similar - Email

Major Funding Pledges Won't Close the Clean Energy Investment Gap

A crucial strategy for fighting climate change continues to come up short -- Read more on »
26 December 2018, 23:40 - scientificamerican - Search similar - Email

Western Drought Ranks among the Worst of the Last Millennium

As temperatures warm, it becomes more likely the drought will match past “megadroughts” for length as well -- Read more on »
24 December 2018, 16:10 - scientificamerican - Search similar - Email

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