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Climate change: John Hewson accuses Coalition of 'national disgrace'

Former Liberal leader says climate should be dominant issue of election campaign rather than ‘short-term politicking’. The former Liberal leader John Hewson addressed hundreds of people protesting in the Sydney suburb of Double Bay – minutes from Malcolm Turnbull’s harbourside mansion – calling on the prime minister to take stronger action on climate change. »
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EU out vote puts UK commitment to Paris climate agreement in doubt

Leave victory risks delaying EU ratification of the Paris deal, leaving the door open for Obama’s successor to unpick the pact. The UK government won high praise six months ago for taking a leading role in the successful Paris climate change agreement, the first legally binding commitment on curbing carbon emissions by all 195 United Nations countries. »
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UK's out vote is a 'red alert' for the environment

From the ‘red-tape’ slashing desires of the Brexiters to the judgment of green professionals, all indications are for weaker environmental protections. Despite being an issue that knows no borders, affects all and is of vital interest to future generations, the environment was low on the agenda ahead of the UK’s historic vote to leave the European Union. »
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Business and academic leaders urge new conversation about coal-free future

Leadership forum hears of ‘huge gap’ between experts’ advice on phasing carbon out of the economy and public willingness to go along with that advice. A group of business and academic leaders have bemoaned the “huge gap” between what experts say ought to be done to decarbonise Australia’s economy and the public’s willingness to accept such a policy. »
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Climate change: poll finds support for strong action at highest level since 2008

Galaxy polling finds only 17% of voters think the Coalition has a credible climate plan and only 20% think Labor does. Support for strong action on climate change is at its highest level since 2008, with much sought after uncommitted voters showing the strongest support, according to Galaxy polling commissioned by the Climate Institute. »
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Trader Joe's reaches settlement over Clean Air Act violation claims

Grocery chain agrees to reduce leakage of hydrochlorofluorocarbons and pay $500,000 fine after US officials claim it did not promptly repair refrigerators. Trader Joe’s agreed on Tuesday to reduce its stores’ greenhouse gas emissions and pay a $500,000 penalty to settle claims from the federal government that the grocery chain had violated the Clean Air Act. »
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China's plan to cut meat consumption by 50% cheered by climate campaigners

New dietary guidelines could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 1bn tonnes by 2030, and could lessen country’s problems with obesity and diabetes. The Chinese government has outlined a plan to reduce its citizens’ meat consumption by 50%, in a move that climate campaigners hope will provide major heft in the effort to avoid runaway global warming. »
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Obama at Yosemite attacks 'lip service' to natural beauty amid climate inaction

President extols national parks on visit to Yosemite Obama says climate change ‘no longer a threat, it’s a reality’Biggest US coal company funded groups questioning climate change Barack Obama warned on Saturday that climate change could ravage many of America’s vaunted national parks, criticizing political opponents who “pay lip service” to areas of natural beauty while opposing... »
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Shattered records show climate change is an emergency today, scientists warn

Unprecedented temperature levels mean more heatwaves, flooding, wildfires and hurricanes as experts say global warming is here and affecting us now. May was the 13th month in a row to break temperature records according to figures published this week that are the latest in 2016’s string of incredible climate records which scientists have described as a bombshell and an emergency. »
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What would a global warming increase of 1.5C be like?

The Paris climate conference set the ambitious goal of finding ways to limit global warming to 1.5C, rather than the previous threshold of 2C. But what would be the difference? And how realistic is such a target? Environment 360 reports. How ambitious is the world? »
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Brexit voters almost twice as likely to disbelieve in manmade climate change

Poll shows Brexiters are also more likely to think media exaggerates agreement on climate science, distrust scientists and oppose windfarms. British people backing a leave vote in the EU referendum are almost twice as likely to believe that climate change does not have a human cause, according to a new poll. Continue reading... »
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Antarctic CO2 hits 400ppm for first time in 4m years

Climate Central: The last monitoring station in the world without a 400 parts per million reading has now reached it, NOAA confirms. We’re officially living in a new world. Carbon dioxide has been steadily rising since the start of the Industrial Revolution, setting a new high year after year. There’s a notable new entry to the record books. »
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Catholic orders take their lead from the pope and divest from fossil fuels

Exclusive: Four Australian Catholic orders are jointly and publicly divesting from coal, oil and gas: ‘We believe the Gospel asks no less of us’. Four Australian Catholic organisations have announced they are completely divesting from coal, oil and gas in what they say is the first joint Catholic divestment anywhere in the world. »
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France becomes first major nation to ratify UN climate deal

President François Hollande calls on other European countries to follow France’s lead by the end of the year. President François Hollande on Wednesday finalised ratification of the Paris climate accord reached in December 2015, making France the first industrialised country to do so. »
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Five charts that explain who gets hit hardest by food price rises

Benin, Mozambique and Nepal are among countries most exposed to climate change, water scarcity and food price volatility. Global food prices will remain stable for the year ahead, suggest recent UN forecasts, but in the longer term we can expect much more volatility. »
15 June 2016, 07:20 - guardian - Search similar - Email

Pressure mounts over 'suppression' of UK fracking impacts report

Campaigners accuse the government of sitting on a potentially explosive report from its official advisers on the impact of fracking for shale gas. Pressure is growing on the UK government to release a report into the impacts of shale gas fracking, which campaigners have accused ministers of suppressing. »
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Revealed: first mammal species wiped out by human-induced climate change

Exclusive: scientists find no trace of the Bramble Cay melomys, a small rodent that was the only mammal endemic to Great Barrier Reef. »
14 June 2016, 06:00 - guardian - Search similar - Email

Carbon dioxide levels in atmosphere forecast to shatter milestone

Scientists warn that global warming target will be overshot within two decades, as annual concentrations of CO2 set to pass 400 parts per million in 2016. Atmospheric concentrations of CO2 will shatter the symbolic barrier of 400 parts per million (ppm) this year and will not fall below it our in our lifetimes, according to a new Met Office study. »
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Biggest US coal company funded dozens of groups questioning climate change

Analysis of Peabody Energy court documents show company backed trade groups, lobbyists and thinktanks dubbed ‘heart and soul of climate denial’. Peabody Energy, America’s biggest coalmining company, has funded at least two dozen groups that cast doubt on manmade climate change and oppose environment regulations, analysis by the Guardian reveals. »
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