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Shell urges shareholders to accept climate resolution

Resolution brought by activist shareholders requires oil firm to test its business model is compatible with global targets to limit global warming. Shell is set to confront the risk that climate change may pose to its future, after backing a resolution from activist shareholders. »
29 January 2015, 19:30 - guardian - Search similar - Email

British belief in climate change on the rise, research finds

Poll finds 15% say climate change is major threat in next two decades, jumping to 29% for people with direct recent experience of flooding. Continue reading... »
29 January 2015, 10:00 - guardian - Search similar - Email

Queensland election: Climate science denied and ignored

Climate change science has been a non-starter in the Queensland election, despite the state being on the front line of impacts. Continue reading... »
28 January 2015, 08:40 - guardian - Search similar - Email

Yes, we can live well and avoid climate disaster, says UK government

We can fly, drive and prosper while avoiding dangerous global warming – but only if billions remain in poverty and huge changes are made in areas such as energy and agriculture, new analysis from Decc’s Global Calculator shows. »
28 January 2015, 02:20 - guardian - Search similar - Email

Global warming spells disaster for tropical Andes glaciers

Glacier monitoring technology shows the most rapid glacier depletion for at least three centuries. Big glaciers are shrinking, with small ones disappearing altogether, writes Bernard Francou As components of the global cryosphere, mountain glaciers are known for their high sensitivity to climate change. »
27 January 2015, 16:50 - guardian - Search similar - Email

We should not surrender to climate change

Island states, such as the Maldives, are already making ambitious changes to adapt to rising sea levels. With a global resolve to implement such solutions, it could be possible to tackle the climate impasse. This month a team of scientists reported that melting ice caps and glaciers due to climate change are causing oceans to rise more drastically than previously calculated. »
27 January 2015, 13:40 - guardian - Search similar - Email

Why businesses should support the EPA's pollution rules

As it celebrates its 25th anniversary, sustainability advocate Ceres sets its sights on getting corporations to support proposed US power plant rules. As the US political fight over climate change moves from Washington DC to 50 state capitals, companies that are serious about sustainability need to support the EPA’s proposed rules to curb carbon pollution from existing power plants. »
27 January 2015, 13:40 - guardian - Search similar - Email

Climate change: how can we move beyond the committed few?

A decade on from a landmark letter arguing for business and government to work together to address climate change, there’s still a long way to go “The government is risking the sacrifice of UK jobs to the altar of green credentials,” proclaimed the Confederation of British Industry in 2004. Just a few years later it was arguing that “green is a vital driver of growth”. »
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Climate change responsible for super-charging winter storms, scientists say

Researchers say heavier storms of recent years such as current blizzard bearing down on US north-east – carry imprints of climate change. Continue reading... »
27 January 2015, 01:00 - guardian - Search similar - Email

Prince Charles: global pact on climate change could be Magna Carta for Earth

Prince of Wales said this year marked potentially the last chance to save the world from the perils of global warming Continue reading... »
26 January 2015, 21:50 - guardian - Search similar - Email

David Cameron rejects call for fracking ban

Prime minister renews his support for exploiting shale gas as MPs call for moratorium and anti-fracking campaigners protest in Westminster. David Cameron has rejected calls for a moratorium on fracking from senior MPs, including his former environment secretary Caroline Spelman, saying the US shale gas revolution can be repeated in the UK. »
26 January 2015, 18:41 - guardian - Search similar - Email

EU paper calls for binding CCS targets by 2030

Carbon capture and storage industry proposes goal of burying 220m tonnes of carbon dioxide across Europe by 2030 European countries should be given binding targets for installing technology to capture and store carbon emissions, according to a new report for the European commission. »
26 January 2015, 15:30 - guardian - Search similar - Email

Climate change could impact the poor much more than previously thought

A new study is the first to incorporate empirical estimates of climate change impacts on economic growth in models. Continue reading... »
26 January 2015, 15:30 - guardian - Search similar - Email

Climate change is not a concern for CEOs

Apart from insurers, the future of the planet is not something that most chief executives lose sleep over. The first day of the World Economic Forum in Davos was dominated by calls for 2015 to be a year of action on climate change. »
25 January 2015, 17:20 - guardian - Search similar - Email

Bold ideas for a better world from Davos and beyond

The world’s challenges are huge, numerous and looming, and many innovative ideas will be needed to meet them. Contribute yours to our growing list. »
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Obama's India visit: Hopes for clean energy and climate deals

US president and Indian prime minister Narendra Modi expected to roll out a raft of clean energy initiatives for India’s polluted cities, with a post-2020 climate deal also high on Obama’s agenda. Barack Obama was advised, only half-jokingly, to wear a gas mask when he appears as guest of honour at India’s Republic Day parade on Monday. »
23 January 2015, 17:51 - guardian - Search similar - Email

Head of UN climate talks: ‘the pain in the shoe is not great enough'

Businesses have a fundamental role to play in securing a climate deal, Christiana Figueres says, but don’t yet feel immediately threatened by the situation. »
22 January 2015, 22:50 - guardian - Search similar - Email

Ban fracking, says former Tory environment secretary Caroline Spelman

Conservative MP calls for fracking moratorium as Labour says fracking should not be allowed unless regulatory loopholes are closed. The former Tory environment secretary, Caroline Spelman, has called for a ban on fracking in the UK ahead of a report by an influential committee of MPs that is expected to conclude fracking could derail efforts to tackle climate change. »
22 January 2015, 19:41 - guardian - Search similar - Email

Climate change inaction pushes 'doomsday clock' closest to midnight since 1984

Symbolic clock is now at three minutes to apocalypse, the darkest hour for humanity since the cold war. Scientists blame leaders’ lack of response on climate change. »
22 January 2015, 19:41 - guardian - Search similar - Email

Davos 2015: World Bank chief makes climate action plea

‘Move to cleaner cities no brainer,’ says Kim as Al Gore and Pharrell Williams launch initiative including global music event The president of the World Bank hasurged the international community to help developing nations cope with a warming planet as the first day of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos was dominated by calls to make 2015 a year of action on climate change. »
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