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Canada must deal with tar sands emissions, says Clinton campaign chief

Canada needs to do more to deal with ‘excessive emissions’ from tar sands ahead of crunch climate talks in Paris later this year, says John Podesta. Canada faces a widening rift with America over climate change unless it deals with “excessive emissions” from the Alberta tar sands, according to a trusted adviser to both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. »
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Exxon shareholders reject proposals to set goals for greenhouse gas emissions

CEO Rex Tillerson gives stay-the-course outlook as profits decline due to lower prices for crude oil, saying renewable energy is not yet economical ExxonMobil shareholders overwhelmingly rejected several environmental resolutions including proposals to put a climate change expert on the board and set goals for greenhouse gas emissions. »
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The real threat to global security isn’t Islamic State – it’s burning fossil fuels

252m years ago, catastrophic climate change all but wiped out life on Earth. The signs now are that it could happen again Continue reading... »
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Most glaciers in Mount Everest area will disappear with climate change – study

About 5,500 glaciers could disappear or drastically retreat by the end of the century with severe impacts on farming and hydropower, say scientists. Continue reading... »
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Energy industry calls for new emissions targets to aid low-carbon growth

World governments need to set clear long-term goals at Paris climate talks and invest about $50tn to bring about changes needed to avoid dangerous global warming, say World Energy Council. World governments must sign a clear new agreement on greenhouse gas emissions at a crunch conference in Paris this December, leaders of the world’s energy industry have urged. »
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We need honesty from business to tackle climate change

Business leaders may be genuinely concerned about emission cuts and carbon pricing, but there is barely any conception that business itself might still be part of the problem. Will they, won’t they? »
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Companies cannot keep shying away from setting tough climate targets

Only a handful of companies are setting emission reduction targets in line with what climate scientists say is necessary - that must change. Today the low carbon economy is worth over £3tn. »
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Climate change blamed for severe drought hitting Vietnam's coffee crops

Exports drop 40% as world’s second-biggest coffee exporter suffers rising temperatures and drought, combined with effects of deforestation, land degradation and depleted water resources caused by decades of growth. The last time Nguyen Van Viet saw water in his well was almost four months ago. »
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Brazil's ditching of climate change targets may not signal policy shift

Dilma Rousseff’s reneging on a plan to limit CO2 emissions had many fearing the worst but June’s summit with the US may simply mean a delayed announcement. First it was there. Then it was gone. The long-awaited announcement of Brazil’s new climate target came and went with a sleight of hand that caused an uproar among environmentalists this week. »
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Business leaders prepare for limited UN climate deal in Paris

Private sector could help close the expected shortfall in emissions reductions necessary to stop 2C of global warming warming, suggests Unilever CEO Paul Polman at climate and business summit in Paris. »
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Companies aren't doing enough to prevent catastrophic climate change, new report finds

Companies must set more aggressive targets to give earth a fighting chance at avoiding irreversible damage, according to a UK nonprofit. Scientists and world leaders have agreed that to avoid environmental catastrophes like super droughts and mass extinctions, the Earth’s temperature cannot exceed 2C above pre-industrial levels. »
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Congress manufactures doubt and denial in climate change hearing

Republicans in Congress once again chose denial and theatrics over problem solving Continue reading... »
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Glencore chairman Tony Hayward calls for an end to subsidies for fossil fuels

Former BP boss says subsidies are incompatible with combating climate change and should be eliminated before setting carbon price to curb emissions. The chairman of the world’s biggest commodity trader has called for an end to subsidies for fossil fuels. »
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Save rainforests or they will worsen climate change, warns ex-WWF chief

Top environmentalist says areas of rainforest the size of Switzerland are lost each year and point of no return will be reached if politicians keep ignoring problem. Continue reading... »
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Boris Johnson's decision not to divest goes against his climate goals for London

If London’s mayor is serious about limiting global warming to 2C, he needs to encourage his pension fund to redirect investment away from fossil fuels and towards green initiatives. Last week the mayor of London rejected the London Assembly’s call for City Hall and the £4.8bn London Pensions Fund Authority (LPFA) to divest from fossil fuels. »
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François Hollande calls for 'miracle' climate agreement at Paris talks

French president says role of businesses will be key to the success of any emissions agreement reached by world’s nations at crunch climate change talks at the end of this year. »
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Barack Obama: climate change poses risk to US military bases

US president to say that climate change will change how armed forces work and train, and highlight flood risk to navy and air bases. Continue reading... »
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Climate change dominates marathon Shell annual general meeting

Oil firm faces barrage of questions on commitment to battling global warming despite backing resolution passed by shareholders requiring it to take action. »
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Global businesses must lead the way on climate action

Green investments increasingly offer opportunites for growth and employment and businesses are well-placed to take the lead at this week’s Business and Climate summit in Paris. Major business leaders will gather in Paris this week for the Business and Climate Summit. »
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