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EPA ruling on aircraft emissions paves way for new regulations

US agency’s declaration that jet engine exhaust endangers public health represents key milestone, reports Climate Central. The Environmental Protection Agency on Monday declared that jet engine exhaust endangers public health by contributing to climate change, a key milestone as it works to develop regulations that will cut carbon emissions from commercial aircraft. »
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Disasters linked to climate can increase risk of armed conflict

Research found that 23% of violent clashes in ethnically divided places were connected to climate disasters. Climate-related disasters increase the risk of armed conflicts, according to research that shows a quarter of the violent struggles in ethnically divided countries were preceded by extreme weather. »
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China's coal peak hailed as turning point in climate change battle

Study by economists say achievement by world’s biggest polluter may be a significant milestone, rather than a blip. The global battle against climate change has passed a historic turning point with China’s huge coal burning finally having peaked, according to senior economists. »
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Wine without waste: De Bortoli aims to be Australia's first zero-waste winery

Solar energy, no sodium and organic fertiliser: how one of Australia’s biggest wineries is reducing waste while saving money and energy. One of Australia’s biggest family-owned wineries wants to become the country’s first zero-waste wine producer, and has invested more than $15m to achieve this goal. »
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Diving enthusiasts could be used to measure ocean temperatures

Decompression computers worn by recreational and commercial divers provides accurate data, study shows. Millions of holidaying scuba divers are able to become citizen scientists and take vital measurements of ocean temperatures, which are being driven up by climate change. »
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2016 set to be world's hottest year on record, says UN

June marked 14th month of record heat for land and oceans with average global temperature reaching 1.3C. The world is on track for its hottest year on record and levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere have reached new highs, further fuelling global warming, the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) has said. »
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Antarctic peninsula temperatures have fallen, study shows

Scientists said cooling of tip over past 15 years is related to wind patterns, but does not mean that global warming has stopped. The tip of the Antarctic peninsula has cooled over the past 15 years, scientists have found, but the discovery does not mean global warming has stopped. »
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Philippines won't honour UN climate deal, says president

Duterte says Paris climate pact seeks to dictate to developing countries and limit economic growth, reports Climate Home. The Philippines will not honour commitments it made under the Paris climate change deal, president Rodrigo Duterte has said in a speech. “You are trying to stifle us,” Duterte said on Monday in widely reported comments. “That’s stupid, I will not honour that. »
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Brexit will force EU countries 'to make deeper, costlier carbon cuts'

Bloc will have to draw up new plan with higher cuts for remaining 27 states in order to meet its carbon reduction target, which could cost billions of euros. Brexit will force the European Union’s remaining 27 countries to spend billions of euros on cutting carbon emissions more deeply to compensate for the UK leaving, according to experts. »
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US senators detail a climate science 'web of denial' but the impacts go well beyond their borders

Australians have been both helpers and victims of the fossil fuelled web of climate science denial being detailed in the US Senate. By the middle of this week, about 20 Democratic senators in the US will have stood up before their Congress to talk about the fossil fuelled machinery of climate science denial. »
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Donald Trump would be world's only national leader to reject climate science

Sierra Club report finds science of climate change accepted by leaders of every country recognized by US – including Bashar al-Assad and Kim Jong-un. »
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Global warming is shifting Earth's clouds, study shows

Climate Central: The warming of the planet over the past few decades has shifted a key band of clouds poleward and increased the heights of clouds tops. »
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UK poorly prepared for climate change impacts, government advisers warn

A 2,000 page report by Committee on Climate Change predicts global warming will hit UK with deadly heatwaves, more flooding and water shortages. The UK is poorly prepared for the inevitable impacts of global warming in coming decades, including deadly annual heatwaves, water shortages and difficulties in producing food, according the government’s official advisers. »
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Christiana Figueres nominated for post of UN secretary general

UN’s former climate change chief, who was a key architect of the Paris climate agreement, joins long list of candidates to succeed Ban Ki-moon. One of the chief architects of the global accord on climate change signed last year in Paris has been nominated for the post of secretary general of the United Nations. »
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Dinosaurs killed off by 'one-two punch' of climate change and asteroid strike – study

Demise caused by two periods of global warming – the first sparked by volcanic eruptions and the second by the cosmic impact. The dinosaurs’ long reign was not ended swiftly but by torturous millennia of climate change before and after a giant asteroid slammed into Earth, scientists have said. »
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Leadsom vows to continue with UK's climate commitments

Tory leadership candidate and EU Leave campaigner says she remains committed to current pledges to cut emissions and decarbonise energy supply. Andrea Leadsom, the Tory leadership candidate and campaigner to leave the EU, vowed on Tuesday to continue with the UK’s commitments to tackle climate change and decarbonise the energy supply. »
5 July 2016, 18:10 - guardian - Search similar - Email

New research: climate may be more sensitive and situation more dire | Dana Nuccitelli

When comparing apples to apples, a new study finds energy budget climate sensitivity estimates consistent with climate models. Scientists use a variety of approaches to estimate the Earth’s climate sensitivity – how much the planet will warm as a result of humans increasing greenhouse effect. »
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Pauline Hanson's One Nation will bring climate science denial to the Senate

Fringe political groups such as One Nation, Family First and the Liberal Democrats still reject the evidence that humans are causing climate change. So we’re in that post-election twilight zone where analysts, psephologists and columnists try and pull something cogent out of all the mess of uncertainty. Who’ll be the next prime minister? Which party will lead and how will they do it? »
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UK ministers to approve world-leading carbon emissions target

Fears had been raised that EU referendum would result in deadline being missed but sources say carbon budget will be agreed. Ministers will this week approve a world-leading carbon emissions reduction target for the early 2030s, the Guardian understands. »
28 June 2016, 21:30 - guardian - Search similar - Email

Brexit is not a vote against climate change says UN’s climate chief

Christiana Figueres says the UK can still be a leader on climate change and emphasises the need for the country to ‘stay calm and transform on’. »
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