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Innovation will save our warming planet – so where is the investment? | Will Hutton

Governments must commit themselves to greater R&D or their vows on climate change will just be hot air The most obvious response to climate change should be to transform the way the world generates energy. Living standards have risen 40 times over the last 250 years in the west, driven neither by the small state beloved of conservatives nor the large state favoured by socialists. »
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George Osborne ‘has undermined UK role in climate talks’

Ending support for carbon-capture technology is ‘betrayal’ says expert Stuart Haszeldine Britain will enter the Paris climate change talks this week with its credentials as a responsible, low-emission power generator in tatters. That is the stark conclusion of one of the country’s leading energy experts, Professor Stuart Haszeldine of Edinburgh University. »
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Turnbull says Shorten’s ‘heroic’ climate target aimed at making political point

Prime minister derides Labor’s pledge to cut 2005 carbon emissions by 45% by 2030 as unrealistic and ‘a political rather than an environmental statement’. Related: Bill Shorten lays out bold climate aims as Malcolm Turnbull heads to Paris. »
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Climate change activists stage tattoo protest against BP at Tate Britain

Thirty-five activists occupy 1840s room at London gallery two days before UN climate change talks open in Paris. Climate change activists have occupied part of Tate Britain, where they have started to tattoo each other in protest at BP’s sponsorship of the gallery. »
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Eating less meat isn’t just good for you, it could save the planet | Adam Briggs

The UK and US are reviewing their dietary guidelines – this is an opportunity to tackle climate change via people’s plates The food writer Michael Pollan summed up how to eat healthily: “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”. It is unlikely that when the British and American governments issue new dietary guidelines the advice will be quite so succinct, or sensible. Continue reading... »
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Thousands march over climate change in Brisbane and across New Zealand

Heat proves no obstacle to the reported 15,000 demonstrators in Auckland, or the 5,000 in Brisbane, following a 40,0000-strong Melbourne event on Friday. An estimated 5,000 people have marched in Brisbane and more were planning to march in Darwin on Saturday, following Friday’s 40,000-strong rally in Melbourne. »
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My oil firm wants results from COP 21. But not the kind you might expect | Björn Otto Sverdrup

Statoil doesn’t debate climate science, it acts on it. The Paris talks must find radical solutions – and our optimism can be the fuel for change Humankind’s ability to manage climate change is being tested. The Paris climate talks will conclude two weeks from today. Can we get it right this time? There is no shortage of pessimists. »
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Amazon deforestation report is major setback for Brazil ahead of climate talks

Report showing 16% increase in tree destruction underscores climate threat and is a disappointing result for government efforts to combat deforestation. Trees covering an area more than seven times the territory of New York City have been cleared in the Brazilian Amazon over the past year, in a major setback for government efforts to combat deforestation. »
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How do I ... reduce my carbon emissions?

In order to avoid climate calamity, global temperatures must not rise by more than 2C. Here’s how you can do your bit. On Monday, one of the biggest meetings in the world will begin in Paris. »
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Don't let the Paris climate talks ignore people displaced by global warming | Roberto Lovato

Increasing numbers of people are predicted to migrate as a result of rising sea levels and extreme weather events. We must treat them as victims not threats. »
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Children’s rights must be at the heart of the Paris climate agreement

Despite rhetoric about protecting our planet for future generations, children and human rights have been largely absent from COP21 negotiations. Millions of lives are being turned upside down by life-threatening extreme weather. Communities are no stranger to the disastrous impacts of climate change, but this year’s El Niño is wreaking havoc. »
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Global panic: art show Exit brings climate change to shocking life

Timed to coincide with the COP21 UN conference in Paris, this video installation is a stark reality check for Earth’s inhabitants as sea levels rise, natural disasters proliferate and forced migration multiplies. There are more than 19.5 million refugees worldwide, cities are emitting 70% of all greenhouses gases and around 3,500 languages are currently in danger of extinction. »
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Paris climate talks: cosy relationship between politicians and business must end #COP21

Tackling climate change means drastically transforming our economies. Our political leaders, not business, are best placed to do that. As the UN’s climate talks in Paris begin, the lobbying and public relations push from some of the biggest corporations responsible for climate change has gone into overdrive. »
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Prince Charles in plan to help investors take polluting firms to court

Commonwealth Climate and Law Initiative will lay out risks to financial returns amid increasing government curbs on emissions. Prince Charles is taking part in a project to expose major polluting corporations based in Commonwealth nations to big-money legal action if they fail to accurately disclose their impact on climate change or reform their ways. »
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Christiana Figueres: the woman tasked with saving the world from global warming

The UN climate chief is confident that the Paris summit can make history and produce a landmark deal to limit future carbon emissions – but any success depends on her pivotal role. The offices of the UN’s climate change body in Bonn have glorious views over a pretty stretch of the Rhine river, looking out on grasslands and splendid old and new buildings. »
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Victorians take to the streets to demand urgent action on climate change

Thousands of people march through Melbourne’s city centre in one of many climate change protests that will take place across the world this weekend. Thousands of people were marching through Melbourne’s CBD on Friday evening in what is expected to the largest in a series of climate change protests being held throughout Australia over the weekend. »
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Transatlantic trade deal will undermine climate talks in favour of big business | Mark Dearn

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership aims to pave the way for the exploitation of toxic tar sand crude oil – with potentially devastating results. The prospects for a meaningful agreement at the UN climate change talks beginning on Monday are bleak. »
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Global creative community calls on world leaders to tackle climate change | Letters

We, the creative community as represented by the signatories below, ask all those responsible for negotiating the post-2020 climate change framework to agree an ambitious and inspiring international agreement. »
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World artists call on climate negotiators to reach 'ambitious' deal in Paris

More than 300 musicians, actors and writers including David Bowie and Emma Thompson have signed an open letter ahead of next week’s climate talks. »
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Bill Shorten lays out bold climate aims as Malcolm Turnbull heads to Paris

Labor suggests tough 45% cuts to emissions – compared with Coalition’s 26% to 28% pledge – in bid to pressure prime minister at Paris climate talks. Bill Shorten has suggested he will adopt a far tougher greenhouse target – a 45% cut in emissions by 2030 – compared with the Coalition’s promised cut of 26% to 28%. »
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