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Five ways the circular economy can help mitigate climate change

Current climate solutions can deliver only part of the reductions needed to limit worldwide temperature rises to no more than 1.5C. Here are five ways the implementation of the circular economy can help close the gap. The 2015 Paris Agreement united 186 countries behind a commitment to limit the rise of the earth’s average temperature to no more than 1.5C. »
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How climate science deniers can accept so many 'impossible things' all at once | Graham Readfern

New research claims psychological traits could help explain why climate science deniers often make contradictory arguments. Sometimes, climate science deniers will tell you that we can’t predict global temperatures in the future. Sometimes, they’ll say we’re heading for an ice age. Occasionally, contrarians will say that no single weather event can prove human-caused global warming. »
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Soil carbon storage not the climate change fix it was thought, research finds

Soil’s potential to soak up planet-warning carbon dioxide has been overestimated by as much as 40%, say scientists. Hopes that large amounts of planet-warming carbon dioxide could be buried in soils appear to be grossly misplaced, with new research finding that the ground will soak up far less carbon over the coming century than previously thought. »
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Greenland's huge annual ice loss is even worse than thought

Ice cap is disappearing far more rapidly than previously estimated, and is part of a long-term trend, new research shows. The huge annual losses of ice from the Greenland cap are even worse than thought, according to new research which also shows that the melt is not a short-term blip but a long-term trend. »
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Australia's emissions won't fall by 2030 without greater climate action, modelling shows

RepuTex analysis says federal government paying polluters and ambitious renewable energy targets won’t have sufficient impact. »
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Hillary Clinton 'dropped climate change from speeches after Bernie Sanders endorsement'

Transcripts show the Democrat presidential candidate referred to climate change directly in less than half as many speeches after her left-wing rival conceded defeat, reports Climate Home. Hillary Clinton has dropped the words “climate change” from most of her public addresses since winning the endorsement of her party rival Bernie Sanders, according to Climate Home analysis. »
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Climate change – a case of déjà vu

Weatherwatch: Today Doggerland is our Atlantis, a drowned landscape under the North Sea only visible from seismic surveys and occasional finds of ancient tree stumps. Brexit has happened before – around 7,500 years ago, when Britain was severed from mainland Europe by rising sea levels. »
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Malcolm Roberts to discuss climate science with CSIRO

One Nation senator asks for briefing to see science agency’s proof that carbon dioxide affects climate ‘because they’ve never provided it before’. The CSIRO will meet Malcolm Roberts to discuss global warming after the innovation and science minister, Greg Hunt, intervened to help the One Nation senator obtain a briefing. »
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Was that climate change? Scientists are getting faster at linking extreme weather to warming | Graham Readfearn

Attribution studies are letting researchers respond quickly to questions about human influence – before the news cycle turns elsewhere. Is it still true to say you can’t point to any single extreme weather event and claim you can’t link it to human-caused climate change?. Plenty of people seem to think this is still the case. »
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Polar bears losing crucial sea ice: study

Life-sustaining sea ice needed for hunting, resting and breeding is declining in all 19 regions of the Arctic inhabited by the species. Polar bears are losing life-sustaining sea ice crucial for hunting, resting and breeding in all 19 regions of the Arctic they inhabit, a study warned on Wednesday. »
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The world needs leaders who refuse to fly, not another airport runway for the UK | Letters

Again, self-selected business leaders are calling for a new runway (Letters, 7 September). They offer the interesting example of the desperate need to fly Scottish salmon, presumably farmed, to the world’s developing economies. Are they living on a different planet? »
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Shell begins production at world's deepest underwater oilfield

First oil pumped from Stones field in Gulf of Mexico more than 1.8 miles beneath sea surface. Royal Dutch Shell has started production at the world’s deepest underwater oil and gas field, 1.8 miles beneath the sea surface in the Gulf of Mexico. »
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Climate change made Louisiana's catastrophic floods much more likely

Human-derived rising temperatures increased the risk of the natural disaster by at least 40%, a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration study found. Climate change has radically increased the likelihood of the sort of torrential downpours that triggered ruinous floods in south Louisiana last month, federal government scientists have said. »
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Climate campaigners among arrested London City airport protesters

Some of nine white Black Lives Matter activists charged with trespass are known to be involved with environmental groups. A group of Black Lives Matter (BLM) activists charged with trespassing after a demonstration on the runway at London City airport included a number of protesters who have previously campaigned against airport expansion and for climate change causes. Continue reading... »
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Jeremy Corbyn to set out energy policy 'for the 60m, not the big six'

Labour leader will vow to create 300,000 jobs in renewables sector, ban fracking and reinstate climate change department. Jeremy Corbyn will pledge to create an energy policy “for the 60 million, not the big six” if he becomes prime minister, including the creation of 300,000 jobs in the renewables sector. »
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Asian typhoons becoming more intense, study finds

Giant storms that wreak havoc across China, Japan, Korea and the Philippines have grown 50% stronger in the past 40 years due to warming seas. The destructive power of the typhoons that wreak havoc across China, Japan, Korea and the Philippines has intensified by 50% in the past 40 years due to warming seas, a new study has found. Continue reading... »
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Paris climate deal: where US and China have led, others must quickly follow

Saturday’s joint declaration by world’s two biggest emitters is vital but not enough to bring agreement into force. The decision by China and the US, the world’s two biggest greenhouse gas emitters, to ratify the landmark Paris accord on climate change heralds a new era of global cooperation on limiting emissions. Only a few years ago, such a commitment looked like a pipe dream. »
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Breakthrough as US and China agree to ratify Paris climate change deal

Campaigners hail key moment in battle against global warming as presidents Obama and Xi announce deal on eve of G20 summit in Hangzhou. »
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Sadiq Khan and megacity mayors urge G20 climate change action

30 mayors from cities including London, Paris, Tokyo, Sydney, New York, Cape Town and Rio de Janeiro call for rapid ratification of Paris climate deal. London Mayor Sadiq Khan has joined forces with city leaders from around the world to call on governments to take urgent action on climate change. »
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