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We’re now breaking global temperature records once every three years | Dana Nuccitelli

Denial and “alternative facts” haven’t stopped the Earth from warming to record-shattering levels. According to Nasa, in 2016 the Earth’s surface temperature shattered the previous record for hottest year by 0.12°C. That record was set in 2015, which broke the previous record by 0.13°C. »
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We are destroying rainforests so quickly they may be gone in 100 years | John Vidal

At current rates of deforestation, rainforests will vanish altogether in a century. Stopping climate change will remain an elusive goal unless poor nations are helped to preserve them. If you want to see the world’s climate changing, fly over a tropical country. Thirty years ago, a wide belt of rainforest circled the earth, covering much of Latin America, south-east Asia and Africa. »
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Adapting to climate change means adapting to Trump – here's how | Dr Aditya V Bahadur

Donald Trump’s scepticism about climate change makes it vital that the case for better planning and preparation is articulated in a politically astute way. Donald Trump’s inauguration as US president poses a grave threat to the major progress made in the battle against climate change over the past decade. »
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Australia’s conservative government fiddles on climate policy while the country burns | Lenore Taylor

When Malcolm Turnbull deposed Tony Abbott as prime minister, serious action on global warming was hoped for – but almost nothing has changed. »
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Writing about climate change: my professional detachment has finally turned to panic | Michael Slezak

I’ve maintained a wall between my job and my emotional response to it, but this month I’ve felt dread rising about looming disaster, and it’s an awakening. Until recently, like a sociopath might have little feelings when witnessing violence, I’ve managed to have relatively mild emotional responses to climate change. »
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Carbon capture scheme collapsed 'over government department disagreements'

Publicly funded competition had already cost £100m when it was cancelled by the Treasury amid concerns over cost to consumers. A publicly funded scheme to reduce carbon emissions collapsed, after running up costs of £100m, following a disagreement between government departments, Whitehall’s spending watchdog has concluded. »
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On the climate change frontline: the disappearing fishing villages of Bangladesh #GlobalWarning

Kutubdia’s islanders don’t have much of a carbon footprint – most don’t have regular electricity. But they are facing the reality of a changing climate, and soon tens of millions of their fellow Bangladeshis will be at risk. »
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The threat to species from climate change should provoke shame in our hearts | Tim Flannery

The flora and fauna that have made Australia such a remarkable place is under grave threat from a climate changing due to carbon emissions. While Australia bakes through another hot, angry summer, its precious wildlife is increasingly under threat, not just from the extreme weather of fires and floods but by the growing reality of a changing climate. It is getting hotter. »
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Protectionism and the fight against climate change | Letters

You rather spoiled your commendable editorial (19 January) on making America great again by going green, when you dismissed the idea of protectionist carbon tariffs on those US exports made artificially cheap by being produced using subsidised fossil fuels. »
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Why we march against Trump: violence against women and the Earth is linked | Osprey Orielle Lake

We march for the safety of our world at a critical juncture for the Earth, women’s rights and the American democratic experiment The incoming president of the United States will assume office as a tide of hundreds of thousands of women and allies from across the country, and over 350 cities worldwide, take to the streets to demonstrate their dire concerns, resistance, opposition and demands to... »
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Outgoing EPA chief reveals fears Trump administration will halt climate action

EPA staff are ‘nervous’ after the president-elect promised to reduce the environment agency to ‘tidbits’ and named climate skeptic Scott Pruitt to lead it. »
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As Thatcher understood, Conservatives are not true climate change deniers | John Gummer

With climate sceptics moving to the White House, it’s crucial the US right recognises free markets are uncomfortable for incumbents but essential. Conservatives cannot properly be climate deniers. At the heart of their political stance is a desire to hand on something better to the future than they have received from the past. »
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Climate change will affect all of us. So why the lack of urgency? | Polly Toynbee

From Trump to Brexit, we are all fixated on more immediate news stories. We need to look at the bigger picture. Tomorrow the world shudders as Donald Trump becomes US president. Hopes that wise advisers would mitigate the erratic, half-crazed stream of contradictions pouring from his lips have been dashed as he picks fake news purveyors and climate change-deniers for his close consiglieri. »
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Flood disasters more than double across Europe in 35 years

Insurance firm research reveals steep increase in flash floods and says rise is in line with climate change. The number of devastating floods that trigger insurance payouts has more than doubled in Europe since 1980, according to new research by Munich Re, the world’s largest reinsurance company. »
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Alexandria: locals adapt to floods as coastal waters inch closer

As cafe owners build defences against winter storms, the government has warned that 13% of Egypt’s coastline is at risk from rising Mediterranean sea levels. “Before we were flooded a couple of years ago, we didn’t imagine the water could reach this level,” said cafe manager Samir Gaber, gesturing at a cluster of tables overlooking the Mediterranean. »
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‘A cat in hell’s chance’ – why we’re losing the battle to keep global warming below 2C

A global rise in temperature of just 2C would be enough to threaten life as we know it. But leading climate scientists think even this universally agreed target will be missed. Could dramatic action help? It all seemed so simple in 2008. All we had was financial collapse, a cripplingly high oil price and global crop failures due to extreme weather events. »
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Carbon countdown clock: how much of the world's carbon budget have we spent?

One way of looking at emissions targets is as a fixed budget amount, or quota. This countdown shows one estimate of how long it will take to reach an amount of greenhouse gas emissions beyond which 2C of warming will be likely. »
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Let’s make Donald Trump’s swearing-in a call to action for the environment | Caroline Lucas

The president-elect and his cabinet show utter disregard for the planet – but our future isn’t owned by the gold-plated billionaire Just five months after the devastating result of the European Union referendum, and the struggle against the forces of darkness seemed to have just become even harder. Donald Trump’s election left the many in the United States reeling. »
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Church of England groups praise fracking as a way to cut carbon emissions

The stance is outraging Christian environmentalists, but the church says there are caveats to its support. The fracking industry has praised the Church of England (CoE) after two groups at the church tentatively backed the controversial technology as a way to help the UK cut carbon emissions. »
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Make America great again by embracing green tech, Trump urged

Fulfilling pledge to boost fossil fuels will mean US misses out on huge market for clean energy, experts say. Leading climate change experts have urged Donald Trump not to turn his back on the biggest global challenge facing mankind, arguing that he can make America great again – and the world safer – by standing up to global warming and embracing the trillion-dollar green tech revolution. »
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