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ExxonMobil is in its climate change bunker and won’t let reality in

Still stonewalling, the oil giant banned the Guardian from its AGM this week. But even its shareholders are starting to hear the gale-force winds blowing outside When one of the world’s largest pension funds tells the biggest oil company on the planet that it faces an existential threat, there are stormy times ahead. »
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Hunt plays the long game on his glaringly obvious emissions trading scheme | Lenore Taylor

Minister keeps up attack on Labor’s ‘carbon tax’ to placate Coalition climate change sceptics, all the while ensuring the machinery is in place for his own ETS. For years Greg Hunt has been suggesting different things to different people about his climate policy. This week he was almost caught out. »
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Few Britons have ever heard of ocean acidification

A new poll finds that only 20% of Britons have heard of ocean acidification – and even fewer know anything about it. If you’ve heard of ocean acidification, you’re in the minority. If you know that ocean acidification is caused by carbon pollution from burning fossil fuels and cutting down rainforests, you’re practically a scholar. »
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Ikea vows to be net exporter of renewable energy by 2020

Renewable power sources, low-energy products and supply chain emissions cuts help Swedish furniture giant boost sustainability. As December’s landmark climate change summit in Paris (COP21) approached, Ikea made a number of major announcements. »
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Revealed: report for Unesco on the Great Barrier Reef that Australia didn't want world to see

Exclusive: This draft chapter for a Unesco report on the Great Barrier Reef warned that it was ‘poor and deteriorating’ and ‘assailed by multiple threats’ but the Australian government asked for it to be pulled. Australia scrubbed from UN climate change report after government intervention. »
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Senators demand US halt inquiries into climate denial by oil companies

Five hardline conservatives tell Department of Justice to stop any investigations into whether companies lied to the public about climate change. Five hardline conservative senators, including former presidential candidate Ted Cruz, have demanded the US justice department stop all investigations into whether oil and gas companies lied to the public and shareholders about climate change. »
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Statue of Liberty and Venice under climate change threat, says UN

‘Urgent and clear need’ to limit temperature rises to protect key sites from warming, rising seas and harsher weather. Some of the world’s most famous heritage sites – from the Statue of Liberty and Venice to the Galapagos Islands – could be irreversibly damaged by climate change, a report has warned. »
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French minister warns of mass climate change migration if world doesn't act

Hundreds of millions of people could be displaced by the end of the century due to conflict caused by global warming, says Ségolène Royal. Global warming will create hundreds of millions of climate change migrants by the end of the century if governments do not act, France’s environment minister has warned. »
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Ikea and Nestle call for new EU laws to cut truck emissions

Increase fuel efficiency of heavy good vehicles that cause a quarter of Europe’s traffic carbon emissions to meet climate targets, says clean corporate alliance. An alliance of companies including Ikea, Nestle and Heathrow airport have called on the EU to pass new laws cutting truck emissions within two years, to meet promises made at the Paris climate conference. »
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Donald Trump wants to build a wall – to save his golf course from global warming | Dana Nuccitelli

On climate change, is Trump uninformed, or playing his voters? Donald Trump has consistently expressed his conspiratorial and misinformed beliefs that global warming is a hoax. Ice storm rolls from Texas to Tennessee - I'm in Los Angeles and it's freezing. Global warming is a total, and very expensive, hoax! Continue reading... »
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Our democracy has been bought. To win on climate, we have to take it back | Christine Milne

A majority of voters are in support of more government action on climate change – and yet somehow it’s not an election issue. Let’s make it one. The current dissonance between election campaign rhetoric and the facts of climate change is unfathomable, that is, until you dig a little deeper. »
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ExxonMobil CEO: ending oil production 'not acceptable for humanity'

Shareholders win vote that could support board candidates concerned about climate as Rex Tillerson faces turbulent annual meeting. »
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My father warned Exxon about climate change in the 1970s. They didn't listen | Claudia Black-Kalinsky

Perhaps 2015 wouldn’t have broken all temperature records had they acted then – but it’s not too late to do something now. Related: Let's give up the climate change charade: Exxon won't change its stripes | Bill McKibben. »
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ExxonMobil tried to censor climate scientists to Congress during Bush era

Exclusive: 2001 intervention adds to evidence that oil company was aware of the science and its implications for government policy and the energy industry. ExxonMobil moved to squash a well-established congressional lecture series on climate science just nine days after the presidential inauguration of George W Bush, a former oil executive, the Guardian has learned. »
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Has Donald Trump dug himself into a bunker with his climate change views? | Tim Dowling

The Republican candidate has been dismissive of global warming. But when it comes to his golf course in Ireland, he seems to be taking the threat seriously A golf-and-hotel complex on the west coast of Ireland has applied to construct extensive dune erosion defences to mitigate the effects of erosion “due to sea level rise and increased Atlantic storminess”. »
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Portland schools ditch textbooks that question climate change

Oregon city’s education board will now insist on teaching that ‘the climate crisis is created by human beings’. Schools in Portland, Oregon, have voted to abandon textbooks that “express doubt about the severity of the climate crisis or its root in human activities”. »
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Leading US union SEIU makes fighting climate change a campaign priority

Members of 2m-strong union add environmental justice to priority listUnion says climate change disproportionately affects its low-income members One of the US’s largest unions voted to use political pressure to fight climate change on Tuesday, citing events such as Hurricane Sandy, the California drought and the water situation in Flint, Michigan, as examples of how the phenomenon... »
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Climate groups join forces for election campaign blitz

A coalition of organisations have entered into unprecedented joint action to ensure climate change is in the minds of voters on 2 July. An unprecedented level of coordination between climate activists and conservation groups is aiming to raise the profile of climate change in this year’s election. »
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World could warm by massive 10C if all fossil fuels are burned

Arctic would warm by as much as 20C by 2300 with disastrous impacts if action is not taken on climate change, warns new study. The planet would warm by searing 10C if all fossil fuels are burned, according to a new study, leaving some regions uninhabitable and wreaking profound damage on human health, food supplies and the global economy. »
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Oil company records from 1960s reveal patents to reduce CO2 emissions in cars

ExxonMobil and others pursued research into technologies, yet blocked government efforts to fight climate change for more than 50 years, findings show. »
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