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Canada's Trudeau vows to impose carbon tax despite resistance

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Tuesday said he would press ahead with plans to impose a carbon tax on provinces unwilling to combat climate change despite resistance in voter-rich parts of the country. »
23 Oct, 19:20 - reuters -  - 

For a lower climate footprint, vegetarian diet beats local

A new study provides a more comprehensive accounting of the greenhouse gas emissions from EU diets. It shows that meat and dairy products are responsible for the lion's share of greenhouse emissions from the EU diet. »
23 Oct, 18:50 - sciencedaily -  - 

President Ozymandias

If he so desired, President Trump could go down in history as the man who transcended ego and ignorance by acting  to limit greenhouse gas emissions. Fat chance. -- Read more on »
23 Oct, 00:20 - scientificamerican -  - 

Trump Administration Places Want Ads for Climate Scientists

Five positions are open to lead centers aimed at studying regional climate change effects -- Read more on »
23 Oct, 00:20 - scientificamerican -  - 

Rising temperatures and human activity are increasing storm runoff and flash floods

Researchers have demonstrated for the first time that runoff extremes have been dramatically increasing in response to climate and human-induced changes. Their findings show a large increase in both precipitation and runoff extremes driven by both human activity and climate change. »
23 Oct, 00:20 - sciencedaily -  - 

Availability of nitrogen to plants is declining as climate warms

Researchers have found that global changes, including warming temperatures and increased levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, are causing a decrease in the availability of a key nutrient for terrestrial plants. This could affect the ability of forests to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and reduce the amount of nutrients available for the creatures that eat them. »
23 Oct, 00:20 - sciencedaily -  - 

28,000 jobs at risk in north of England over low-carbon economy

Thinktank says transition to low-carbon economy could result in ‘local deprivation’. As many as 28,000 jobs will be lost in the north of England in the next 12 years under the government’s drive towards a low-carbon economy, a thinktank has warned. »
22 Oct, 02:10 - guardian -  - 

This week in climate news (21 October 2018)

The most popular articles from the past week. »
21 Oct, 18:03 - climatiq -  - 

Climate change is exacerbating world conflicts, says Red Cross president

‘It’s obvious some of the violence we are observing … is directly linked to climate change,’ says Peter Maurer. Climate change is already exacerbating domestic and international conflicts, and governments must take steps to ensure it does not get worse, the head of the International Committee of the Red Cross has said. »
21 Oct, 07:10 - guardian -  - 

Wentworth won't prompt climate rethink, says Frydenberg

Treasurer says government does not intend to ‘reduce emissions at the expense of people’s power bills’. Josh Frydenberg has played down the need for a significant shift in the Morrison government’s stance on climate change before the next federal election after the strong protest vote in the seat of Wentworth. »
21 Oct, 07:10 - guardian -  - 

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