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New Orleans mayor: US climate change policy cannot wait for Trump

Mitch Landrieu says cities will lead as federal government is ‘paralysed’NYC’s de Blasio backs push as Miami Beach shows anti-sea rise work US cities will lead national policy on climate change after the Trump administration’s withdrawal from the Paris climate accords, working to reduce emissions and become more resilient to rising sea levels, Mitch Landrieu of New Orleans said at an... »
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From heatwaves to hurricanes, floods to famine: seven climate change hotspots

Global warming will not affect everyone equally. Here we look at seven key regions to see how each is tackling the consequences of climate change. It could have been the edge of the Sahara or even Death Valley, but it was the remains of a large orchard in the hills above the city of Murcia in southern Spain last year. »
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Australian health groups urge coal phase-out and strong emissions reduction

World-first climate and health framework from 30 health and medical groups calls for recognition of citizens’ ‘right to health’. To save hundreds of lives and billions of dollars, Australia should rapidly phase out coal power stations and establish strong emissions reduction targets, according to a coalition of 30 major health and medical groups. »
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'Ocean Elders' urge Malcolm Turnbull to reject Adani coalmine

Prominent oceanographers and global leaders write to Australian prime minister and Queensland premier. »
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Top global banks still lend billions to extract fossil fuels

Analysis of world’s lenders reveals many claim green credentials while still financing fuels like tar sands, oil and coal. Some of the world’s top banks are continuing to lend tens of billions for extracting the most carbon-intensive fossil fuels, according to a report of top lenders. »
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Heatwaves are national emergencies and the public need to know

Lethal risks of extreme weather are under-reported and government must stop cutting public awareness funds. Hundreds of people across the UK are likely to be killed by a natural disaster this week, but their deaths will not be the subject of ministerial statements or newspaper reports, even though a failure of government policy is partly responsible. »
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Australia warned it has radically underestimated climate change security threat

Senate inquiry starts as report into political, military and humanitarian risks of climate change across Asia Pacific released. As the Senate launches an inquiry into the national security ramifications of climate change, a new report has warned global warming will cause increasingly regular and severe humanitarian crises across the Asia-Pacific. »
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Ten years ago Turnbull called out Peter Garrett on climate. What went wrong? | Graham Readfearn

After a decade of policy backflips and uncertainty, we are now being sold ‘technology neutral’ energy policy. But we need it to be discriminatory – and favour clean power. Ten years ago today Malcolm Turnbull was getting stuck in to a debate in Parliament House with Peter Garrett about climate change. »
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Climate goals: inside California's effort to overhaul its ambitious emissions plan

In the wake of Trump’s Paris withdrawal, California is taking the lead to fight emissions – and it’s rethinking how to get more out of its cap-and-trade program. »
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Global warming brews big trouble in coffee birthplace Ethiopia

Rising temperatures are set to wipe out half of Ethiopia’s coffee-growing areas, with loss of certain locations likened to France losing a great wine region. Global warming is likely to wipe out half of the coffee growing area in Ethiopia, the birthplace of the bean, according to a groundbreaking new study. »
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New research may resolve a climate ‘conundrum’ across the history of human civilization | Dana Nuccitelli

The new study also confirms the planet is warming 20 times faster than Earth’s fastest natural climate change. Earth’s last ice age ended about 12,000 years ago. The warmer and more stable climate the followed allowed for the development of agriculture and the rise of human civilization. »
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Recalling Michael Gove is an act of environmental vandalism | Ed Davey

I used to sit in cabinet meetings with the new environment secretary. He couldn’t help playing to his Tory climate-sceptic audience Perhaps Theresa May has a sense of mischief after all. Putting Michael Gove in charge of the Department of the Environment is much like putting a wolf in charge of the chicken coop. »
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The fight against climate change: four cities leading the way in the Trump era

New York City, Houston, Miami and San Francisco have all taken steps to mitigate the risks associated with rising sea levels and global temperatures. Are their successes a blueprint for action at the state and local level? Wholly unintentionally, Donald Trump may have sparked unprecedented determination within the US to confront the danger of climate change. Continue reading... »
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Michael Gove 'entirely unfit' to be environment secretary, says Greens

Appointment of Gove greeted with anger by environmental campaigners, who lament his record on green issues. Green activists and politicians have reacted with dismay to Theresa May’s decision to bring Michael Gove back to frontline politics as environment secretary. »
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Pittsburgh and Paris join over 200 cities and states rejecting Trump on climate | Dana Nuccitelli

Local and international efforts might be enough to limit the damage Trump’s scorched Earth approach. I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris So said Donald Trump in a speech justifying his irrational, historically irresponsible decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris international climate treaty. »
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Lib Dems are best for the environment | Letters

James Cameron and 21 other leading green business owners and environmentalists on why they are backing the Liberal Democrats in the UK general election. Plus Hugh Burkhardt gives you his guide to tactical voting The environment has been shut out of this election. Economic growth has provided the world with abundant food, medicine, energy and raw materials. »
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Rare US floods to become the norm if emissions aren't cut, study warns

Princeton-Rutgers study finds sharp increase in risk of frequent deluges‘Many cities are behind the eight-ball in terms of preparing for flooding’ US coastal areas are set to be deluged by far more frequent and severe flooding events if greenhouse gas emissions aren’t slashed, with rare floods becoming the norm for place such as New York City, Seattle and San Diego, new research has found.... »
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Caring about climate change: it's time to build a bridge between data and emotion | Ketan Joshi

Seeing the span of our children’s lives laid over a climate projection graph slices through the boredom that comes with climate apathy. Long after we each cease to exist, the physical outcomes of the choices we make today, and tomorrow, will linger. »
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'Spectacular' drop in renewable energy costs leads to record global boost

Falling solar and wind prices have led to new power deals across the world despite investment in renewables falling. Renewable energy capacity around the world was boosted by a record amount in 2016 and delivered at a markedly lower cost, according to new global data – although the total financial investment in renewables actually fell. »
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UK must use its trade policy to tackle climate change | Letters

Members of environmental organisations state their case. Plus Sylvia Milner decries the Conservatives’ record on fracking As the Trump administration prepares to withdraw the US from the Paris agreement, we believe the UK must use its trade policy to reaffirm and strengthen a globally coordinated response to climate change – one of the greatest challenges humanity has ever faced. »
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