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Exclusive: Global warming set to exceed 1.5°C, slow growth - U.N. draft

Global warming is on course to exceed the most stringent goal set in the Paris agreement by around 2040, threatening economic growth, according to a draft report that is the U.N.'s starkest warning yet of the risks of climate change. »
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Antarctic thaw quickens, trillions of tonnes of ice raise sea levels

An accelerating thaw of Antarctica has pushed up world sea levels by almost a centimeter since the early 1990s in a risk for coasts from Pacific islands to Florida, an international team of scientists said on Thursday. »
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Dutch PM Rutte urges EU to cut CO2 emissions by more

Europe needs to reduce its carbon emissions by more than currently planned to limit global warming as agreed under the Paris climate agreement, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte told the European Parliament on Wednesday. »
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Scientists say cost of sucking carbon from thin air could tumble

High costs of extracting greenhouse gases from thin air could tumble with new technologies that can help to combat climate change, scientists said on Thursday. »
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IKEA to use only renewable and recycled materials by 2030

IKEA, the world's biggest furniture retailer, plans to use only renewable and recycled materials in its products by 2030, in the latest commitment by a global store group to reducing its impact on the environment. »
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Plastic waste in Antarctica reveals scale of global pollution: Greenpeace

Plastic waste and toxic chemicals found in remote parts of the Antarctic this year add to evidence that pollution is spreading to the ends of the Earth, environmental group Greenpeace said on Thursday. »
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Britain should force companies to report climate risk exposure: lawmakers

Britain should force large companies and assets owners such as pension funds to report their exposure to climate risks by 2022 at the latest, a cross-party group of lawmakers said in a report published on Monday. »
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Big investors urge G7 to step up climate action, shift from coal

Institutional investors with $26 trillion in assets under management called on Group of Seven leaders on Monday to phase out the use of coal in power generation to help limit climate change, despite strong opposition from Washington. »
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Pope to address oil majors in Vatican climate conference

The Vatican will host executives of the world's top oil companies for a conference next week on climate change and the transition away from fossil fuels, a Vatican source said on Friday. »
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EBRD publishes guidance for firms disclosing climate impacts

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development has published guidance for companies reporting on the physical impact of climate change in their financial results. »
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U.S. scraps rule requiring states to measure tailpipe gases

The U.S. Transportation Department is repealing a rule, finalized in the closing days of the Obama administration as part of the fight against global warming, requiring states to track greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles on the nation's highways. »
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Exxon to cut methane emissions in bid to tackle climate change

Exxon Mobil Corp said on Wednesday it was targeting a 15 percent cut in methane emissions by 2020, the latest effort by an oil major to reduce its carbon footprint and address climate change concerns. »
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China could meet emissions pledge early; carbon market on track: officials

China's top climate envoy on Wednesday said the country could meet its pledge to cap carbon emissions ahead of its target of around 2030, while a senior environmental official said plans for a carbon market were on track despite ministerial restructuring. »
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Global schemes to price CO2 emissions worth $82 billion: World Bank

The value of global schemes to put a price on carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and designed to reduce greenhouse gases blamed for global warming totals $82 billion, the World Bank said in a report on Tuesday. »
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Russia's first sea-borne nuclear power plant arrives in Arctic

Russia's first-floating nuclear power plant arrived in the Arctic port of Murmansk over the weekend in preparation for its maiden mission, providing electricity to an isolated Russian town across the Bering Strait from Alaska. »
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Oil & Gas industry needs to do more on climate change: investors

Sixty global investors on Friday called on the oil and gas industry to do more to tackle climate change, ratcheting up pressure on company boards ahead of several high profile annual shareholder meetings. »
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Britain's strategy to meet climate change targets not sufficient - lawmakers

The British government's Clean Growth Strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions will not be enough to meet legally binding climate change targets, a committee of cross-party lawmakers said on Wednesday. »
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EU targets 30 percent cut in truck CO2 emissions by 2030: source

The European Union executive will propose at least a 30 percent reduction target for CO2 emissions from trucks by 2030, an EU source said on Monday, as the bloc seeks to slash greenhouse gas emissions. »
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Logjam on Paris climate "rule book" forces extra UN talks

A gathering of almost 180 nations made slow progress on a "rule book" for a global climate accord at talks in Germany ending on Thursday and agreed to a new round of negotiations to break a diplomatic logjam before a year-end deadline for a deal. »
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Obama-era architect of climate accord seeks to keep it on track

A U.S. architect of the Paris climate accord under ex-President Barack Obama has been working to bolster the pact at global talks in Germany, reckoning it matches long-term U.S. interests despite U.S. President Donald Trump plans to pull out. »
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