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Canada's Trudeau vows to impose carbon tax despite resistance

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Tuesday said he would press ahead with plans to impose a carbon tax on provinces unwilling to combat climate change despite resistance in voter-rich parts of the country. »
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Energy firms, green groups call for strong UK carbon price to keep coal at bay

Energy companies and green groups have written separate letters this week to Britain's finance minister asking for the country's strong carbon price to be maintained to prevent a rise in coal-fired power generation and greenhouse gas emissions. »
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Britain looking at four options for carbon pricing after Brexit – government official

Britain is looking at four options for carbon pricing once it leaves the European Union, including launching its own emissions trading system, a government official said on Wednesday. »
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U.S. government, but not Trump, can be sued over climate: judge

A group of young Americans suing the federal government over lack of action to fight climate change can proceed with their lawsuit, but U.S. President Donald Trump cannot be named as a defendant, a federal judge ruled on Monday. »
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Beer lovers face price spikes, shortages as climate changes: study

Climate change will brew trouble for beer lovers in coming decades as it shrinks yields of barley, the top grain used to make the world's most popular alcoholic drink, a study published on Monday said. »
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Banks, insurers must have credible plans for climate change: BoE

Britain's banks and insurers must come up with credible plans for protecting themselves against risks from climate change and may need to hold more capital, the Bank of England said on Monday. »
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OPEC Secretary-General questions 'misguided' renewables debate after climate report

OPEC's Secretary-General on Thursday criticized a report calling for radical action to fight climate change, saying the idea that renewable energy was the world's only future was misguided and that a "bombardment" of green advocacy could be harmful. »
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U.S. oil CEO says corporations should work to stem climate change

Corporations around the world should work together to reduce carbon emissions and stem climate change rather than wait for government mandates, the chief executive of U.S. oil producer Occidental Petroleum Corp said on Wednesday. »
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Warm Gulf waters spawned Hurricane Michael's intensity: scientists

When Hurricane Michael barreled into the Florida Panhandle on Wednesday with 155-mph (249-kph) sustained winds, it defied forecasts made just two days beforehand, its wind speeds doubling since Monday and coming in just short of the highest category of intensity. »
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Merkel backs EU climate deal over car lobby's protests

German Chancellor Angela Merkel endorsed a hard-fought EU compromise deal for a 35 percent cut in car emissions by 2030, despite protests from her country's own carmakers, who said the target was unrealistic and that pursuing it would cost jobs. »
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Governments must change tack to contain global warming, says Big Oil

Governments not energy firms need to take the lead in achieve U.N. targets to contain global warming, with policies that will change fuel and other energy consumption habits, oil and gas companies said. »
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Exxon puts $1 million into climate group promoting U.S. carbon tax

Exxon Mobil Corp's latest shift on climate includes a $1 million donation to a political action committee's lobbying campaign to promote a U.S. tax on carbon-gas emissions, a central factor in global warming. »
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Nothing is worse for climate than burning coal: ex U.S. EPA chief

Science shows that nothing does more to cause climate change than burning coal, a former head of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said on Tuesday, a position in contrast to President Donald Trump's pro-fossil fuel policies. »
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Rapid, unprecedented change needed to halt global warming - U.N

Keeping the Earth's temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius means making rapid, unprecedented changes in the way people use energy to eat, travel and live or we risk even more extreme weather and loss of species, a U.N. report said on Monday. »
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Poland expects be 'very active' at global climate talks

The United States will be "very active" at December's U.N. climate discussions even though Donald Trump pulled out of the global accord, the incoming Polish chairman of the talks said. »
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Massive societal changes needed to meet lower global warming target world needs: U.N.

Society would have to carry out "unprecedented" changes to the way it operates to keep global temperatures from rising by less than targeted or it risks increases in heat waves and flood-causing storms and the chances of drought in some regions, a U.N. report said on Monday. »
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Swiss cow feed causes fewer farts - and puts the squeeze on global warming

Cows burp and fart more than they need to, says a Swiss firm that has developed a feed that cuts methane emissions from livestock - helping to combat global warming into the bargain. »
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EU lawmakers to vote on CO2 cut for cars, vans

EU lawmakers are expected to back more ambitious targets for cuts in carbon dioxide emissions for cars and vans in a vote on Wednesday that will set the stage for a tough fight with national governments. »
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Protesters interrupt EPA sole hearing on weaker power plant rules

Two dozen activists stormed a public hearing on Monday hosted by the Environmental Protection Agency to rail against its plan to lift Obama-era carbon limits on power plants, causing agency officials to leave the room until the demonstration ended. »
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Sunk costs: Airports taking action against rising seas, storms as climate changes

Global airport operators, faced with rising sea levels and more powerful storms as the climate changes, are starting to invest in measures including higher runways, seawalls and better drainage systems to future-proof immovable assets. »
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