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China encourages citizens to eat less meat

An updated set of dietary guidelines just released by the Chinese government, applauded by environmentalists, could affect Australian exports. The new recommendations have the potential to reduce China's meat consumption which could help save land and water resources and put a substantial dent in global greenhouse gas emissions. »
28 May, 09:40 - smh -  - 

Trump's Energy Plan: Save Coal by Unleashing Fracking?

The Republican candidate will also “cancel” the Paris Agreement to combat climate change, roll back EPA clean air rules, among other things, if elected -- Read more on »
27 May, 19:00 - scientificamerican -  - 

ExxonMobil is in its climate change bunker and won’t let reality in

Still stonewalling, the oil giant banned the Guardian from its AGM this week. But even its shareholders are starting to hear the gale-force winds blowing outside When one of the world’s largest pension funds tells the biggest oil company on the planet that it faces an existential threat, there are stormy times ahead. »
27 May, 16:50 - guardian -  - 

Hunt plays the long game on his glaringly obvious emissions trading scheme | Lenore Taylor

Minister keeps up attack on Labor’s ‘carbon tax’ to placate Coalition climate change sceptics, all the while ensuring the machinery is in place for his own ETS. For years Greg Hunt has been suggesting different things to different people about his climate policy. This week he was almost caught out. »
27 May, 13:40 - guardian -  - 

Few Britons have ever heard of ocean acidification

A new poll finds that only 20% of Britons have heard of ocean acidification – and even fewer know anything about it. If you’ve heard of ocean acidification, you’re in the minority. If you know that ocean acidification is caused by carbon pollution from burning fossil fuels and cutting down rainforests, you’re practically a scholar. »
27 May, 10:30 - guardian -  - 

Ikea vows to be net exporter of renewable energy by 2020

Renewable power sources, low-energy products and supply chain emissions cuts help Swedish furniture giant boost sustainability. As December’s landmark climate change summit in Paris (COP21) approached, Ikea made a number of major announcements. »
27 May, 07:20 - guardian -  - 

‘Old habits die hard,’ UN deputy chief tells Environment Assembly, urging action towards sustainability

United Nations Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson stressed today the need for Member States to redouble efforts at prevention – whether to combat climate change, build resilience or address potential conflict flashpoints before they reach a tipping point. »
27 May, 05:00 - UN -  - 

At Security Council, climate change citied among factors impacting stability in Sahel

At a meeting today in the United Nations Security Council on the situation in the Sahel region of sub-Saharan Africa, senior UN officials stressed that climate change plays a direct role in the region’s security, development and stability by increasing drought and fuelling conflict. »
27 May, 05:00 - UN -  - 

Revealed: report for Unesco on the Great Barrier Reef that Australia didn't want world to see

Exclusive: This draft chapter for a Unesco report on the Great Barrier Reef warned that it was ‘poor and deteriorating’ and ‘assailed by multiple threats’ but the Australian government asked for it to be pulled. Australia scrubbed from UN climate change report after government intervention. »
27 May, 04:10 - guardian -  - 

Australia cut from UN report on climate threat to avoid damaging reef tourism

The Turnbull government intervened to excise references to Australia in a United Nations report on the risk of climate change to sites including the Great Barrier Reef in a move dubbed by one of the report's reviewer as "disgusting". »
27 May, 02:50 - smh -  - 

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